Monday, 1 April 2013

Travelog.Malaysia - Broga Hill@Bukit Broga + Halfway to Gunung Tok Wan

Monday, 1 April 2013
This is actually my second time hiking Broga Hill. The first time I did was in early 2012 with my high school friends but this time I was with my ex-classmate in my university, total of us are 4+my friend's sister. We moved from University Putra Malaysia (UPM Serdang) by car around 5.15 in the morning. 

At the time we reached at Broga, it is already around 5.45 am (it is quiet late), there were already many others people due to weekend compared to weekdays. 

I did bring my DSLR but as usual, I am too lazy to take photo. By the way, I did take some...

this is not belong to me... kudos to Izzati

A tip for muslim, for Subuh Prayer, just find any open spaces to do it. No worries because you can see there are many other people doing this. Just bring extra mineral water to take your wuduk/ablution and cloth to prevent your forehead from dirt.

when the sun rises

On the top

If i'm not mistaken, there were 3 peaks in Broga. This is the first peak.

love it. view from second peak

Another view

soooo calm

my three fellow hikers minus Izzati
At first we decided to go to Gunung Tok Wan but when we did walked around 15-20 minutes, we did heard some sounds make by an animal, probably wild boar so we decided to turned back to Broga as we were the only group that make our way to Gunung Tok Wan and we didn't really know how long it will takes for us to reach there and there is no man in our group, so that's why we took that decision. 

I think we did a right decision by turning back to Broga because when I went back, I checked on internet it said that It will take approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Gunung Tok Wan.



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