Thursday, 22 May 2014

Couchsurfing: The Hotspot for Travellers

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Haven't you heard about Couchsurfing? I first heard about this website when my friends from Indonesia visited 5 ASEAN countries without paying a single cents for accommodation. If you read more on their website, it says:

Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers. Couchsurfers organize regular events in 100,000 cities around the world. There’s always something to do and new friends to meet.

my profile
This is basically my main profile. Right now, I haven't surf or host any surfers(travellers) yet. In the future, maybe? I wish I knew about this website earlier. Anyway, just keep in mind, people not always be nice. So, just be cautious of everything whether you want to surf or host. 


  1. I've heard of couchsurfing before, but have never done it so far. It is a great idea. Not only to save some money, but especially to meet some new people around the world :)

    1. I wish I knew about this website earlier :)
      Gonna save up for next trip.. >-<


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