Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Travelog: A Large Buddha Statue in HatYai

Wednesday, 7 May 2014
one of the big statue in HatYai

At first, when we encountered this temple, I was afraid to go in because we might disturbing the area or maybe we might accidentally do something forbidden inside that temple. Different to my friend, she keeps saying, "that's okay, we didn't do anything wrong, we will just take some photos", but still I feel unsecure. Then, fortunately we saw a van arrived and parking inside the temple. So, we asked him whether we can go inside and take some photos. He told us, he is not an employee, he's just a visitor and he asked us to ask people inside. So, we decided to find someone and luckily we found a group of monks sitting on the benches near the main entrance. We asked for the permission and they said, we can take photos as much as we want. :)

the pagoda: this is what we saw from the back entrance

After taking some photos, suddenly it's raining. Then, the monks invited us to have a sit with them, we agreed right away. While waiting the rain to stop, we having a chat with them and asked about buddhism, the temple and also about themselves(if I remember correctly there were 5 or 6 of them) The monks that sitting with us are actually not a Thai citizen, some of them are from Bangladesh, Nepal, China and etc. We did asked about the differences of buddhism in other countries like in China, Japan, Malaysia and etc. They told us that there are different types of buddhism like Theravada, Mahayana and others.

Since the rain was not gonna stop, we continue to ask another questions about the temple, the big statues, the small statues near the ponds and also the statues near the entrance.

Mahapanya Vidayalai

the statue that protecting the temple from bad forces

We asked them the function of this statue because it looks scary and they told us that during the construction of this temple(long-long time ago), there were some bad forces came and destroyed the temple. It happened several times, so they had decided to build this statues to protect this temple and fortunately it works.

A landscape

the buddha statues

Then, we asked about the small buddha statues near the ponds, there were lot of them there and we also noticed that behind the back of the buddha statues, there were some empty spot. They told us that the empty spot is for storing the ashes of dead people. The buddha statues will help them to go to heaven(if I remember correctly). We also asked them how long they will keep the ashes inside the statues but I cannot remember what they told me. :(

Since the rain was slowing down, we asked them whether we can go up to the pagoda to see the views from the top, and the senior monk allowed us, yeay!!! and he even asked his junior to bring us to the top since he had another meeting to attend.

the pagoda

Since, It was raining heavily before, the steps and floor are totally slippery.Entering the pagoda, we have to remove our shoes. I absolutely afraid of height but thinking about this might be my first and last time to go there. So, I decided to make my way to the top. My friend stayed on the 3rd floor because she was afraid of falling down from the steps. 

Finally, I make it to the top after 30 minutes struggling climbing the steps.

the top of the pagoda

the weather is windy

the view of the temple from the top of the pagoda

the view of the HatYai city

the city

The experience I had with my friend was amazing, the chat with the monks also broaden my knowledge about other religion and how interesting it was. Hopefully, I can visit the place again.


  1. That's very impressive. I've never been to Asia... so I love watching your photos to get some impressions :)

    1. You should come here... :)
      if you love travelling by land, you can visit ASEAN countries just by a train except Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines. From Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Myanmar-Vietnam, you can choose whether a train or a bus.

  2. Interesting report and beautiful photos - a wonderful blog entry, thank you :)

  3. Hatyai is not always safe. better check out the current situation before travelling...

  4. Another good post of yours, however that big TESCO sign there ruined that scenery for sure :( We also have here in Hungary TESCo stores all around :S

    1. Yup.. it ruined the scenery...
      since I took the photo from the top of the pagoda and i kinda afraid of the height + the floor was slippery(it was raining on that day), so I was kinda lack of confident while it.
      One of my hand holding on the balcony and the other hand holding the camera.. the result was = TESCO .. hehehe
      we also have TESCO in Malaysia.. :)


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