Monday, 12 May 2014

Virtual Friends Real Happiness

Monday, 12 May 2014
There is no doubt that internet is a medium that connecting people all over the world but as we can see, not all the things on internet will turn good. Personally, I think it depends on how you use and control it. Internet has been my virtual platform to express my opinion, collecting the information and also making lot of friends without judging their visual appearances. 

Last year, I accidentally  visited for buying some postcards for my Japanese coordinator, host family and facilitators, unnoticed  it had turned myself to be one of the regular(addicted) visitors.  There, I virtually chatting with other visitors. Some of them always keep me smiling with their words and also with their letters full of happiness. We exchanging our home address and sending each other some collectible items especially postcards. :)

collection of the giveaways I got from Sis Em

Acheh postcard from Penaberkala

Beautiful Tourism Malaysia postcard from Farahana

Recycle stationeries and postcard from Bhutan, Nepal, China and India; from Syuq

Stamps from Japan,UK, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Belgium and Republica De Guinea. Postcard from Brunei, Thailand and Sarawak(Malaysia) and also a bookmark from Australia; from soon to be a mother, Lya


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    1. kawan-kawan kat blog kak em semuanya baik hati.. hehehe..

  2. ooo... bnanti boleh lah singgah blog kak emila..


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