Sunday, 22 June 2014

Postcrossing: Stamps Collection(Taiwan Edition Part1)

Sunday, 22 June 2014
At first, I was mistaken stamps from Taiwan are from China because on these stamps it written the word "Republic of China". Then, when I was re-checking the list, I noticed that I had make a mistake. For China, It supposed to be "People's Republic of China" right?. I read some info on "wikipedia" :)

So according to the stamps on the postcard, I think the rate for sending postcard from Taiwan to other countries is 10 cents. Am I right my Taiwanese friends?

From Maggie(TW-1200882)

From Jack(TW-1228304)

From Christy that wrote me a postcard on her wedding day(TW-1181230)

From Jasmine(TW-1245431)

From Chang(TW-1281783


  1. Should be around RM1 I supposed!

  2. Yes, really nice stamps :) I especially like the butterflies and the owl.

    1. I think the background color of that butterflies's stamps make them outstanding compared to others.

  3. salam dari postcrosser Malaysia jugak ., ;p


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