Friday, 20 June 2014

Thank You NESTUM

Friday, 20 June 2014

Last month, if I remembered clearly, I stumbled Nuffnang ads about NESTUM, so I randomly click and read about their products. They are offering the sample to those who were interested to try it. I filled up all my details(name, phone number and address) and that's all. Then on June 09, I got a call from NESTUM's staff confirming my name and asking me whether I was requesting for the sample or not. After all the confirmation, he once again confirming my delivery address and telling me that the sample will be arrived in 7 days.

thank you note from NESTUM

At first, I though it will be just a 1 sachet of NESTUM in a small packet but I was totally wrong. When I picked up the package at the office, I was actually shocked because it was sent by an express mail. 

they sent me NESTUM 3 in 1 original (8 packets)

Live it & Love it

As a student that living alone in hostel's room, one sachet of NESTUM really boosting up my energy especially in the morning. Just add some hot water and taadaa... It's done. Right now, I had tried NESTUM 3 in 1 Original and Oat and I can say that I love it. They have 6 different kind of NESTUM 3 in 1, just choose the one that suit yourself.

Thank you NESTUM for the free sample!!!


  1. Replies
    1. 2 2 yang saya pernah rasa macam tak beza sangat.. original and oat..
      2 2 sedap :)

  2. hihi. start folow blog jaja Y(^.^)

  3. bestnya dapat free sample dari nestle


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