Friday, 20 June 2014

Through My Windows: El-Nino is Coming

Friday, 20 June 2014

I think most of 4 season countries are having summer right now. Am I right? My country, Malaysia is a Tropical Country. The humidity is usually high here. Right now, we are facing El-Nino phenomenon. This phenomenon refers to the prolonged warming of surface temperatures over the eastern Pacific Ocean for six months every two to seven years.

It was really hot here, expert said this was due to the current southwest monsoon period which brought the heat, less rainfall and less cloud formations.

I always love taking photos from my window. I live on the 7th floor of my university's apartment. So, from my room, I can clearly see what are people doing at the field or jogging track. I took some photos of past few weeks and make a comparison to the photos that I took today. You can see clearly the differences between these photos. 

#Photos taken on May 29, 2014

#Photos taken on Thursday's evening, June 19, 2014


  1. :O,lama-lama padang makin takda rumput. Btw,Assalamualaikum kak Jaja. Hehehe. Alia disni :). Alia dari blog kak Emila tu. Salam perkenalan :D

    1. Salam Alia, hehe.. rajin datang lawat blog akak.. :D
      jom main kejar2 kat blog Kak Em ye..


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