Monday, 11 August 2014

Old Stamps Inside a Pouch

Monday, 11 August 2014

Remember when I told you that I was celebrating Eid in my hometown, Kuala Terengganu, I accidentally found the small pouch that contained lot of stamps. I remember I collected all these stamps when I was young but I didn't remember at all that I kept them inside this pouch. When I was young(elementery school), I always told everyone that my hobby is collecting stamps but during that time, I didn't have any stamp album, so I will either kept them in a small box or a pouch.

So, when I found these collection, my heart was blossom. It was like I back to the past when everything is about being happy, no stress. :) Most of the stamps were from 1997 and 1998. I was just 9 years old during that time. After putting all these stamps inside the album, I totally filled 5 pages of the album. Yeay!!! 

*Scroll down to view the stamps*

These paddy theme stamps were regularly used in 90's. During that time, I always sighed when the postman handed me letters with these stamps on it but right now, I totally appreciated each of them because you will rarely see them now.

All states in Malaysia has their own paddy stamps. The stamps will have the logo of their respective states and if the state has the king, you can see the picture of the king. Out of 13 states and 3 federal territories in Malaysia, only 8 states(Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Selangor, Terengganu) have king in this present days.

My late king that I respect, Almarhum Sultan Mahmud
Most of the king in the 2 pictures above had been replaced by their predecessor. This make the stamps more valuable for me. As for me, there was a story between me and the late King of Terengganu, Almarhum Sultan Mahmud. 

One day, while I was playing with my friends(I think I was around 6 or 7), there was a car stopped by at the street. All the kids ran to the car because someone said, the people inside was giving money. I went and saw there was a hand handing 1 Ringgit coin(the coin is no longer used now) without showing his/her face, furthermore the car's windows were tinted fully black by means people from the outside cannot see a single thing inside. The car just left when all the kids got each of the coins. Later afterthat, I learnt that the person inside the car is our King and he went to some villages and gave the 1 Ringgit coins to the kids because that day was his birthday. Eventhough I didn't see his face, but I believed that the person was indeed our Royal King. :)

Rubber, cinnamon, cocoa and oil palm 

Aside from those local stamps, there were 3 other countries stamps which I believe the purple is belong to Indonesia and the other two stamps might be from China or Taiwan or Hong Kong because the chinese characters. 

**someone please help reading what written on it.

Pelita, Republik Indonesia

If any of you interested to swap above stamps with me(only stamps that I have more than 1). Do leave a comment below.


  1. Wah,banyaknya koleksi... Cemburu! Heheheh. Teringat dekat arwah pakcik saya yang suka kumpul setem. Saya nak sentuh pun tak boleh. Berhargakan? Sekarang pun opah yang simpan album-album tu... Sempat ke kalau saya nak kumpul setem sekarang? Hahahaha

    1. It's never too late..
      mulakan dari sekarang.. Alia kan muda lagi.. hehehe
      setem yang biasa macam setem padi tu, dulu banyak buang je.. ni bila dah jumpa balik yang simpan.. rasa nostalgia sangat2.. lebih lagi yang ada cop tahun tu.. 1997 1998.. dah 17 tahun..

  2. Wow!
    What a lovely find!! :)

    1. Yup, I'm so happy when I found them..
      from 1997.. it has been 17 years.. and somehow.. I feel so old.. :)


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