Friday, 1 August 2014

Postcrossing: Stamps Collection(Belarus Edition Part1)

Friday, 1 August 2014
Hello August!!! I hope this month will be better for me. ><

So, as most of you knew, I was on holiday in my hometown,Terengganu for celebrating Happy Eid. Opening post for this month, I will share my collection of stamps that I received from Belarus. I'm not very sure how much it cost to send a postcard from Belarus to other countries, all I knew the currency is Belarusian Ruble(BYR). The stamps only have alphabets of M, N and H, only 1 postcard has number on it. Anyone knows about it? Feel free to share your knowledge in comment section.

From Natalie(BY-1235038)

Thank you Dasha for lot of stamps :) (BY-1270061)

From Varvara(BY-1301829)

From Marina(BY-1268041)

A triangle shape stamp from Tatsiana(BY-1233172)

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  1. Everyone giving you beautiful stamps... So lucky..


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