Friday, 1 August 2014

Postcrossing: Stamps Collection(France Edition Part1)

Friday, 1 August 2014
Yeay, finally my collection of postcard from France reached 5. It means I can share the stamps from this so-called romantic country with my fellow readers. In Bahasa Melayu(Malay Language), we called France as "Perancis". As for the cost for sending postcard from France to other countries, I seriously do not know. Some stamps has "20g" written on it, was it 20g is 20 gram or does it means something else? I knew that the currency use in France is Euro. So, anyone please help me!!

The first postcard I received from Jean-Michael didn't has a common stamp on it, does the yellow sticker is considered as stamp? I'm not really sure. Does anyone know?

From Jean-Michael(FR-376591)

From Nadia(FR-397455)
Another same stamp from Lea(FR-388189)

The last 2 postcards were sent by Julie. She sent the postcard as a "thank you" message because for the postcard that I sent to her earlier. Both of the cards are beautiful and the same goes to the stamps. Once again, thank you Julie!!

2 thank you postcards from Julie

I wish I will have an opportunity to step my foot in France......


  1. the 2 stamps from julie on first postcard are nice...

  2. Bonjour Jajja !

    This is Julie!
    I wasjust having a look at your blog, and what a surprise when I saw that you loved the stamps so much that you choose to share them!

    I can answer to your question. In France the money is Euro since 2000. To send a card to the world it's 0,98 Euro-almost 0,60 US dollar. It's less expensive to send a card in France or in EU.

    BUT french people love particularity. We change our money, witch was called "Francs" in 2000, but we still can use olde stamps in Francs, we just have to do the right conversion. (1euro is 6, 55957 francs). I can see that I used old stamps in Francs on the first postcard (one is from 1987, it can't be in euro!). The second postcard has a new stamps witch is in Euro.

    I'm not sure to be clear. My english is not good enought to expain stuff like that!

    1. Owh.. now I understood..
      the stamp on the second postcard, we can clearly see the euro sign but not on the first postcard..

      anyway Julie, thank you for coming here and thank you for your postcard.. i really love them.. :)


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