Thursday, 14 August 2014

[Projek Raya] The Final Touch

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Remember in my previous post about my progress on "Projek Raya" where me and my friends had decided to exchange cards either homemade or ready-made. So, Eid had passed and I also had received cards from them. I hope they also receive mine. As you can see above, that were my artworks. :) I just use recycle cardboard and leftover white papers and LUNA watercolor pencil that I got from emilayusof as a giveaway. These artworks might not be perfect but I am satisfied with my efforts. :)


  1. Cantiknya! Bila nak sampai kad raya kak Jaja ni. Ish,tak sabar pulak :D

    1. Tak sampai lagi jugak ke?
      Akak pos pun last minute, tapi harap2 selamatlah sampai...

      Kak Jaja suka sangat kad raya Alia.. comel je

  2. After you posted whilst making these, I was hoping you would share the finished items with us.
    They turned out awesome and are really pretty.
    Your friends are really lucky to receive one of them. :)


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