Monday, 25 August 2014

The Creative Adult Is A Child Who Survived

Monday, 25 August 2014

"The Creative Adult Is A Child Who Survived"

Whenever I heard this quote, it always make me think about it will be such a good thing if I can stay as child forever. Living in my own imagination without any discretion but I am sure it is 100% impossible. Literally, be a grown adult had pushed me away from doing something that I really wanna do.

Anyway, this post in not for me to rant about the difficulties of becoming an adult. Actually on August 23rd, I participated a workshop organized by UNHCR Malaysia which is stand for "United Nation High Commissioner Refugees". I had been registered as UNHCR Volunteer teacher but never had a chance to join any activities before. So, as they offered a weekend workshop which is I think the workshop is quiet interesting, "Using Art to Express Emotion in Classroom". I end up signing it, the workshop was held at HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT) which started at 9AM and ended roughly at 4.30PM.

Our activities are actually divided into three section(i think), the first one, we were asked to work with partner and by using an A4 paper, both of us started to scribble freely. Then, after that, we were asked to find any objects that were formed while we were doing that scribble thingy. As for us, we found a lof things such as tooth, railway, mountain, clouds, crown and etc. 

The one in the right was done by me and my partner

By combining three group which total up of 6 people, we created another artwork as you can see below. For our group, we actually started to create the countryside scenery, it started as we identified the mountains forms. Then from the mountains, we started to create sky, sea, sea creatures, animals, birds and etc. From just a scribble, we actually creating something awesome.

our lovely artworks >=<
Then, each group were asked to describe what the meaning behind the artworks that they created. Most of us basically creating something related to the nature. Our facilitator said that, when they did the same activities in Singapore, most of the participant were creating something related to urban city, credit cards, luxury cars and etc. From here, I can say that, the environmental that we live actually influencing who we wanna be. 

The last session started as we were asked to create anything from recycle items. By choosing one value such as love, integrity, unity, passion and etc, we have to create a storyline and perform with the artworks that we created. 

The creating progress

some artworks that were created

the story-telling performance

The facilitators
Dian, the third facilitator (sitting near the whiteboard)

As the conclusion from this workshop, it can be conclude that using art can;

1. Increase cognition through imagination and problem solving
2. Express ideas and concepts which may be difficult to say in words
3. Gain confidence through creative achievement

I actually impressed with all the efforts that all the participant had done. For your information, not all the participant are Malaysian, some of them are refugees that has been in Malaysia for quiet long time. Eventhough, there were language barrier among us, I think we did a good thing in overcome this problem. As a participant, I can say that it was fun being in this class but sometimes I think that during this workshop part of my adult self still holding me from doing what I wanna do. I can't help that because theoretically I am adult.

token of appreciation


  1. wow... interesting activity you join there jaja...

    1. Indeed it was funnnn....
      hehehe.. come join us at UNHCR.. :)

  2. The day sounds really interesting ( in terms of the theory behind it as well as the fun you had)
    I used to be a Brownie Guide Leader and I loved all the crafty fun bits as much as the kids did ;)
    My own kids are 15 & almost 19 and we still enjoy creating things from junk :D

    Hopefully your experience will lead to your participation in more such events.

    1. That's cool.
      surrounded by kids is the best therapy for me....
      I love them sooo much.. :)


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