Thursday, 14 August 2014

Through My Window: The Morning Call, The Rainy Afternoon and The Missing Sunset

Thursday, 14 August 2014
[Aug 14th, 2014] 

Since yesterday, I haven't sleep at all, trying to finish the unnecessary things rather than focusing on my other important matters. Then, while looking at the outside, I grabbed my camera and tried to catch the morning master, Mr. Sun. Well, I guess Mr. Sun is quiet shy today. Can't see his glimpse at all.

[Serdang, Malaysia] The Morning Call; 6:59AM

[Serdang, Malaysia] The Morning Call; 7:13AM

My day continued with Miss Rainy, maybe crying for her soulmate that went missing.....

[Serdang, Malaysia] The Rainy Day; 3:12PM

Actually, I was praying to meet my beautiful sunset, but I think today is not my day. Maybe, the sunset was shy.

[Serdang, Malaysia] The Missing Sunset; 7:21PM

[Serdang, Malaysia] The Missing Sunset; 7:29PM


  1. I love pictures 2 & 5, they are ever so pretty, even without capturing the sunrise & sunset as you would have wished.

  2. all scenery are beautiful.... breathtaking views..


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