Tuesday, 30 September 2014

[REVIEW] Mini Zoo Kemaman, Terengganu

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Once again, on August 29, me and my sister went back to our hometown  as we celebrating our Independence Day or "Merdeka" in Malay on August 31 [I knew it was 1 month ago but better late than never]. We took 5 days off. As usual we took an alternative road from Kuantan, Pahang to Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu(my hometown). The road was far from hustle and bustle which is good for us. Along this alternative road, we always  noticed there is a Mini Zoo's signboard. We actually passed this mini zoo everytime we went back to our hometown but got zero desire to stop by until that day. 


Kemaman Recreational Park and Zoo
(Taman Rekreasi dan Mini Zoo, Kemaman)

Operating Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM
Ticket: (Adult - RM10) (Child - RM7) (Student - RM5)
Photos/Videos - Allowed


the parking lot
the alternative road from Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu

The mini train

the map

*********************************List of attraction********************************

******************************[1] Mini Orchids farm******************************

This mini orchids farm is 'cute' but unfortunately the orchids were not blooming during this time. I think it will looks much more 'cuter' if all of them blooming simultaneously. There is also mini pond here.

the orchids

mini pond

********************[2] Mini Birds' cage that you can enter***********************

The size of this mini birds' cage is equal to the size of mini orchids' farm. There is a trail where you can walk inside the cage and watch the birds closely and there are various species of birds inside the cage. Don't worry, these birds are not wild.

Views inside the cage

the hornbill

I don't know the species of this bird

****************************[3] A stacked of Turtles*******************************

When I first saw these turtles, I felt so pity to them. Their area looks like abandoned place and they were stacked to each other. Less plant inside their area which means they totally depend on the zoo workers to feed them. 

A lonely baby turtle

***********************************[4] Tapirs*************************************

These tapirs are another awesome creature that we rarely see but looking at their current appearances, it seems like they are also been neglected (forgive me if I am wrong). They looks so inactive and as you can see on the picture below, the tapir on the right has something on its face. I am not sure whether, that 'thing' is a cut or something else. 

**************************[5] Various species of Deer*****************************

These deer are so "kawaii", "comel" or in English, cute. Their place is better than turtles and tapirs which is bigger and has many food resources as herbivores. I have no complaints about them and you also can watch them from the top by using the hanging-bridge which is for me it is really cool.

*********************+*****[6] A couple of Elephant*************************+****

These 2 elephants are really friendly with the visitors. They are not wild and for your info, their area was only fenced by the fence as you can see on below picture. When I went nearer to the fence, they quickly came to me.

******************[7] Lions, Tigers and Cool Hanging-Bridge********************

When I first saw them, the only word came to my mind was "they look so lazy". You either can watch them through the glass or from the top of hanging-bridge. At first, my sister refused to go the hanging-bridge but when I make my own way to the top, she just follow me. 

stairs to the hanging bride

the hanging-bridge

Photo taken from the top of hanging-bridge

A panorama view from hanging-bridge

on our way down

********************************[8] Orangutans***********************************

Their area was surrounded by a so-called mini-river. I think it was built to prevent them from escaping the place. The authorities also installed the "electric-fences" around their area(If I am right) because when we came to the zoo, it was actually raining, then when we passed this area, we can heard the sound of electric shocked. 

There are only 2 orangutans placed in this area. They looked like they are bored to the death. One of the orangutan came to us and making a gestures of showing his/her hands to us asking for food I guess but I think most of the zoo implemented the same rules. "giving foods to animals are prohibited". One more thing that amused me and my sister, when we asked this orangutan to clap his hand, he automatically follow our instruction and clapped very well but still we cannot give him a reward.

We noticed that there is a cage where another orangutans are placed. They are a newborn baby and her mother. I think the reason to separate them from the other 2 oranutans are for safety reason. Maybe?.

***************[9] Various species of Beautiful Birds in Cages******************

Various species of birds are placed inside the cages unfortunately this cages are cannot be entered just like the previous cage. So, we can just watch them from the outside. Anyway, they are indeed beautiful. 

**********************[10] Ostriches and other Big Birds*************************

************************************The End**************************************


Any places that I went/visited always had something that make the place's rating went down. So for this mini zoo, there are some points that maybe worth to be reviewed by the responsible authorities.

******************[1] Looks like an abandoned sky-fall/pool***/****************

There is no noticed whether this skyfall/pool is still operating but looking from afar, it seems like this place is abandoned for quiet long.

*****[2] Lovely art painting destroyed by the leftover building materials***/**

The painting on the wall are nice but the main thing is pleased clean-up the area. As you can see in the picture below, the building materials were left unattended which is became the main eye-sore for the visitors. Furthermore, this building are located next to the road where the visitors from the main-gate will be fetched by the mini-train to the zoo area.

*********************************[3] Empty Cages********************************

I noticed that there were so many empty cages in this zoo such as the alligators, snakes and fishes in the aquarium. I am not sure what happened to them but hopefully, the authorities can put a notice why the cages are empty.

an empty cage of alligator

an empty cage of snakes


this cat is peacefully taking his nap


Place: 4/5
1.The location is nice
2. The way the zoo was constructed is good, nice layout
3. The walking trails and the hanging-bridge are cool

Facilities[Parking Lot/Restroom/Souvenir shop/Surau/etc]: 3/5
1. The souvenir shop is closed
2. Less benches to sit especially while waiting for the min-train from the zoo and the area for waiting the mini-train at the main gate seemed like unattended for quiet long time. Some trash can be seen.
3. If there is recycle trash bin inside the zoo, it will be better.
4. The main counter, for buying ticket looked so unorganized. Looks like a bus-ticket counter

Staff: 4/5
1. The staff are really friendly.
2. It will be nicer if they are wearing the zoo uniform

Overall Rating:4/5
(Worth Visited)


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  1. aku cri singboard nok g ke zoo xdok napok ponggg

    1. kalu dari kuatan masuk ke kemaman, lalu ikut jalan alternatif g KT, banyak je signboard zoo.. mu ni lalu ikut celoh ane?


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