Sunday, 4 January 2015

Get Your Own Vampire's Bite and Save Lives

Sunday, 4 January 2015
Vampire bites me, sucked my A blood but luckily I am still alive. hehehe...... 
Nah... I'm just kidding... I actually donated my A blood to the "National Blood Centre" for saving other people's lives. Yeah!!! I am a Hero without a mask or a costume. 

This event was held at Hospital Serdang, Selangor on Dec 30th, 2014, which is near my university. For those who did donate their blood in the past, they will owned this small book. A record to show how many times the person donated. Luckily that I always put this notebook inside my purse, so it will make the process become easier and I don't have to be given a new notebook just like what happened to this person.

This record showed that I had donated for 4 times.

The process of donating blood is easy as long as you pass all the basic requirements:
*17 years old and above
*Body weight is more than 45 kg

... but don't worry because there will be a doctor to check your body condition whether you can donate your blood or not. 

[Dec 30th, 2014] People donating their blood at Hospital Serdang

For more information, you can go to National Blood Centre website or their facebook page. Be a hero, donate your blood and save people's lives.

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