Sunday, 22 March 2015

BB1M: What I Had Bought So Far

Sunday, 22 March 2015

So far, I had used two BB1M vouchers. One, I spent at the shop near my university and another one, I used at the PC Fair(Oh gosh, I can't call this as a PC Fair, some of the prices that they offered were too pricey) in my university. So, What had I bought so far?

Batteries, Ink cartridges, hammer and nails

So, as you can see the photo above, those are the things that I bought by using my BB1M voucher. As you know, BB1M voucher is basically for buying books but some shops accept the voucher for buying necessities that the students need. 

just a quick explanation why I bought them.....

**Those AA batteries are for my wireless mouse, which is I use for my laptop. No working mouse means no progress on my research... hehehe

**Hammer and nails. I bought them because I might need them to work with my prototype... :)

**Ink cartridge. Those are for my printer-lah. No ink.... No printed thesis... :)

So, as the conclusion, all those things that I bought by using my BB1M are basically to complete my life as a student. Thank you for the government/MOE for introducing BB1M for us.

How about you guys? What you had bought so far?


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