Sunday, 22 March 2015

I'm Giving You This

Sunday, 22 March 2015

"Rather than giving something that won't last longer, I'm giving you this." Abang Zizan

It was my last day of my internship, that was few years ago.... feel too old now :) The internship was so-so but the people that I met during that time were amazing. Eventhough, they are just the workers that working with woods and machine but their attitudes are better than those are working in suits. The precious moment that I will never forget. 

Last Chinese New Year, I went back to my hometown and planning to take back the tools box that I left before. Most of the tools are still inside the box and while cleaning them, I found The L-square that Abang Zizan(this name doesn't related to Zizan Raja Lawak) gave to me. The past memories aroused. I just hope that everyone that I met during my internship are doing good. Nothing can erase the memories... and Abang Zizan, I will use the L-square as good as I can. Thank you.


  1. Doesn't related to zizan lawak catching my eyes. Ehehehe harta pusaka.

    1. hahaha... i have to mention that... nothing tak pasal2, orang ingat i ada scandal dengan zizan rajalawak

    2. absolutely the same with me Konah! hahaha :P


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