Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ouch! The Salonpas, The Aches and The Pains

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Last week, I read about Salonpas at Shahira's blog and how it basically can relieve the aches and pains. Since, I had started to feel the pain at my back especially on my left shoulder for almost few weeks. So, last night I went to Hero Supermarket and bought a pack of Salonpas patches that contain 10 of it. I put 5 patches, 2 on my left and right shoulders, 2 on my waist and one near to my elbow.

This is most likely to be me when I tried to put the patch all over my body(Looks like a kimono girl.. hehehe) but so disappointed, nothing really heal the aches and pains. Do you have any other solution to relieve the aches and pains? Help me....


  1. Tak sesuai lah tu. Kak Sha ok, alhamdulillah. Maybe the pain tak severe sangat kut :)
    Dah try yoko-yoko?

    1. ye kot.. sebab maybe otot2 kat badan saya ni memang dah teruk...:)
      nanti saya try yoko yoko

  2. kalau saya sakit sendi/sakit urat, saya up kan dos b-complex je. pastu sekali dengan suplemen kalsium. heheehe


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