Sunday, 12 April 2015


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Most bloggers definitely familiar with AdSense but I think Nuffnang were more preferred in Malaysia. Back to the past, applying for AdSense was quiet easy. I remembered my first blog(which has been abandoned), got the approval to put AdSense in just a few days.

Shifting to a new blog, I tried Nuffnang for few years... not much earning and truthfully I never had a chance to cash out my earning. So, after that disappointment, I shifted to AdSense but my application was rejected 2 times. LOL..

My first application was rejected

I tried for second time... but was rejected too.. :(

.... but those rejection never obstruct me to apply for the third time and Yeay!!!! on April 9th, I got an email from AdSense congratulating me for my successful application.

Finally, the third trial was a success

The Google Ad by AdSense finally visible

For those who are interested to apply for AdSense especially Kak Shahira who had asked me before. Applying for AdSense is easy as ABC but to get the confirmation is nerve-wrecking... hahahaha

There are a few steps but the first step you have to do is clicking the "Earning" tab on your blogger dashboard. From there, you will be directly asked to fill up some forms(I can't show because mine already approved). After completing the task, all you have to do is waiting for the approval. That's it!!. Easy right? and if your application has been approved, you don't need to paste the AdSense html code like Nuffnang. Just click the show ads on blog and choose your "Display style". That's all.

So, who is interested, get your mouse on "Adsense" tab now!! Good Luck!

p/s: Now, AdSense also offered Malay language support


  1. Yey, thats answer my question. Tq ja ♥♥
    Rasanya, kena tunggu & lihat aje lah kan?

    1. Yup... nak apply memang senang...
      nak dapat approval tu yang berdebar-debar... hehehe..
      K.Sha baru apply ke?

    2. Dah 2 weeks jugak apply. They emailed about payment and so on, tapi tak ada email pasal ads dah approve. Still pending for review agaknya

    3. lama tu...
      Show ads on blog tu, K. Sha klik yes tak?
      sebabnya even belum approve, kita kena klik yes dulu and pilih style display sebabnya nanti reviewer datang blog kita, dia akan tengok kesesuaian ads tu kat blog...

      and 1 lagi, kalau k.sha dah klik yes, bila bukak blog k.sha, there will be a blank space that supposedly belong to adsense eventhough adsense belum approve.

      So, check that thing first lah.. :)

  2. yeah congrate. but im stick to nuffang dulu. mungkin one day..maybe


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