Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bye Bye BB1M, Welcome My New Glasses

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Yeay, finally I used my another RM150 BB1M vouchers. Actually, I didn't expect to used it all in once but the thing that I bought is one of the most important thing in my everyday's life, my boyfriend... :)

For those who are wearing glasses with high degree of myopia like me will know how much it cost. I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 but actually I got my eyesight problem when I was 7. My myopia degree was 900 on my right and 850 on my left side. My glasses has been my boyfriend all these time. Sometimes, I sleep with my glasses on and sometimes I have to swim while wearing it. sigh...  I did wearing contact lenses but it doesn't feel comfortable at all. So, let's be nerdy in my entire life. Long live my glasses...

My Glasses' Collection

Getting a new glasses is somewhat nerve-wrecking for me especially when I went to the optometry shop alone. I have to think about my budget, the design that suit my face and the most annoying thing is when I tried any glasses and look at the mirror, I can't even see myself clearly. All I see is my blurry face and finally end up asking the people inside the shop. hahaha.....

This is what I feel when looking at the mirror without my glasses(tried to be postive..hehe)

So, last tuesday(April 21) I went to a PC Fair in UPM supposedly to buy a screen cleaner for my lappy but I stopped at the optometry booth that quiet triggered up my instinct to change my glasses. My current glasses, I have been wearing for almost 3 years and the screw on the left side is almost fall off...

They offered RM95(frame+lenses). All these time, I basically spend more than RM350 for my glasses. So their promotion will save me a lot but everything is not sweet as I imagined. Those price is just for those who have less than 600 degree of myopia. So, I was totally out of the promotion but the optometrist at the booth offered me another option.

Lenses Index(higher index=thinner lenses)
1.5 = RM150 BB1M 
1.6 = RM150 BB1M + RM100
1.67 = RM150 BB1M + RM200
1.7 = RM150 BB1M + RM250/RM300

So, after considering so many things plus begging the optometrist to give me the best price. I finally decided to buy new glasses with 1.67 type of lenses. Supposedly I have to add another RM200 but after "soft-talking" with the optometrist, she finally giving me a RM50 discount. Yeay! I am glad that they accept BB1M vouchers, kinda help me to reduce my expense. So, I used 3 BB1M vouchers and have to add another RM150. So, total price that I paid for my new glasses is RM300. 

Normally, If I went to optical shop, I will basically will spend around RM450. There is an optometry shop in UPM and they also offered special price for student. I already used their services two times and normally I will charged around RM350 but the services are not that satisfying enough. I am sorry, I am just telling based on my own experiences.

Yeay! My new glasses, trying the new combination(blue and black)

Anyway, thank you to Optik Idaman for coming to UPM and thank you for the optometrist that giving me such a nice consultation and affordable price. Hopefully, with my new glasses, my life will be brighter.. hehehe..


  1. how I wish I can have one too! :(

  2. Hmmm...chantek yg baru tuhh...kalau puas ati dh xkesah dh hrga nye kan..jnji selesa d pakai hhihi

    1. kalau bajet ciput kena fikir jugak pasal harga.... hehehe..
      kalau duit ada... no hal.. pilih je mana berkenan..

  3. Why not sell it for cash?
    contact (010)3908006

    1. Ok.. first, selling BB1M voucher for cash is wrong..
      why i wanna sell it for less than the original price while I can use it all for something useful...


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