Saturday, 4 April 2015

[Movie Marathon] POV: A Cursed Film "POV: 呪われたフィルム"

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Last night, I watched Ōsama Game, today another movie marathon, POV: A cursed Film or in Japanese "POV: 呪われたフィルム"

呪われた = Norowareta(cursed)
フィルム = Firumu(film)


As part of a show, Haruna and Mirai watch a ghost video submitted by a viewer, only to experience strange occurrences that later draw the crew to Haruna's school; the location of the taken video.

My Review

I had watched many movies starred by these two actresses. I really love Tantei Gakuen where Mirai plays as Megumi. I also watched the newest Kindaichi series where Haruna was part of it. (I watched Kindaichi when I was in Japan). 

So, back to this movie, the recorded footage film is kinda okay. I think, when the movie like "The Blair Witch Project" was released, it became a hits because people are doubting whether the footage was real or not, the same goes to one of the Malaysian movie "Penunggu Istana". So, basically, I knew that this movie is a set-up footage, everything is planned, so the anticipating to watch the movie is low. 

The movie, they used the actresses real name and also Haruna's real elementary school, that was cool but I am not sure whether such event really occurred at her school. Hopefully not. Japanese school always look haunted to me. The building looks so dull. When I was in Japan, passing the school kinda giving me such a goosebumps feeling... hehe...

So, basically there are 2 main ghosts. One, Yuko, a girl that obsessed with ghosts/spirits and she really wanted to prove that they are real. Another one is about the teacher that hanged herself inside the girls' bathroom. I understood the things about Yuko but it seems like the director wanted the cliffhanger plot with the mysterious woman in red which is I believed she was the teacher who committed suicide. 

Make sure you watch this movie till the end. Don't get tricked by thinking that you had finished the movie when the credits pop-up during the movie. There are still long way to go and there were not really scary at all.... 



  1. xpernah tgk lagi movie jepun.. nice review

    1. cerita hantu jepun kebanyakan buatkan kita banyak berfikir....


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