Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My 2nd Online Shopping Experience with ZALORA

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Last month, I received RM40 ZALORA voucher from BCARD. No minimum spend but not eligible for on-sale products. After my satisfying first online shopping with ZALORA, I decided, why not trying for the second time.

At first, I am planning to buy a pair of sport shoes but most of the shoes that fitted my taste were on sales, so cannot buy-lah.... then I looked at my backpack and realized that the bag is almost worn out... So, after a few days of clicking at ZALORA, I finally found my soulmate... "JAXON Backpack".... Yeay!!!

Luckily, that day was a "free shipping" day means I saved RM5... Yahoooo!!! The bag is RM45, so after using the RM40 voucher, I just need to add RM5.

As overall, I quiet satisfied with ZALORA. I got what I wanted and the item received is well packed by them. So,what you are waiting for, let's shop with ZALORA

Hold on!!!! There are something for you guys!!!

So, along with my new backpack, ZALORA also giving me vouchers, one for myself and another one is a gift for a friend. So grab it, before someone else get it first.

Terms & Conditions for RM25 voucher
1. First time shopper ONLY
2. Valid till 30 April 2015
3. One time use ONLY with minimum spend of RM99 and above
4. Use this code [ZCNYFJKKULVI]

Don't worry guys, if the voucher above has been taken or you are not interested in spending RM99 and above. Here is another option

Terms & Conditions for 15% voucher
1. First time shopper ONLY
2. No expire date
3. One time use ONLY with NO MINIMUM SPEND
4. Use this code [ZBAPZZ4I]

psssttt.... I think if you shop by using your mobile phone, you will get free shipping.. no minimum spend


  1. Naaah, that's the secret untuk dapat free shipping! shop using mobile phone ghupernye. Selama ni Kak Sha tak pernah dapat free shipping from Zalora lagi!

    1. sebab bile saya try check out guna phone dapat free shipping tapi bila guna lappy tak dapat....
      tapi zalora pun ada juga buat free shipping day...

  2. memang best shopping kt zalora dan barang sampai cepat

    1. memang best... zalora pun ada banyak bagi voucher.. :)


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