Sunday, 5 April 2015

Oh! My GST

Sunday, 5 April 2015

After GST was implemented, I never had a chance to go to any supermarket or mart to buy my needs. Normally, I always had my needs sufficient for a week. It just a few days after GST, I finally managed to step my foot to one of the supermarket near my university. Some prices already went up before GST was implemented and some are still the same. 

As a student, part-timer, debtor, a daughter and ......... (too many to mention....LOL) I can feel the burden of GST. Eventhough, our government had keep telling us that GST will not effect the citizen but the reality is totally different. It is totally affecting our lives....... :(

Back to my life after GST.... Gardenia, will always be my choice when buying breads. I always buy Original, Butterscotch or ChocoRaisin flavours. I think Butterscotch flavour was RM4.20 back then (early 2015) but I managed to check a week before GST, the price is RM 4.45 and after GST the price is still RM 4.45

My Gardenia's Butterscotch Bread 

HP 46 Ink cartridge. Both prices for black and colours are same. Before GST, it was RM37 but as you guys remember, I bought 2 cartridges at PC Fair in UPM, at that time, I bought by using my BB1M voucher and it cost only RM36 for each but if you bought by using cash, you will get RM34. Now, after GST, the price became money.

Prices shown at HP Malaysia official store today

Cartridges bought at PC FAIR UPM on March 2015, RM36/each
and, last but not least, as a customer, we have to be smart. Don't get trick by the seller. Make sure, for those seller that implementing the GST, make sure their company is registered. Always check your receipts and make sure only designated goods will be charged.

Receipt with GST Registration ID. The items that I bought were not included to be charged by GST.


  1. nak beli , beli dekat kedai ada nama. Contoh daripada makan gerai baik makan mcd or KFC. sah-sah kita tahu GST dia. Kalau beli barang beli dekat Aeon.

    Terkena hari tu makan gerai :kepak ayam , nasi separu, ikan bakar, sambal cecah ikan bakar, air kosong dengan air longan total up RM22. What the fish....

    1. ni memang mencekik darah....
      sekarang pengguna kena bijak...
      jangan mudah kena tipu...
      kena pertahankan hak pengguna.. :)

  2. Betul. Kalau company yang tak berdaftar, then they charge us for GST, sure'll report them to KPDNKK <<Tell that to them, muahahaha.

    1. Ye betul tu, jangan redha je, jangan amalkan "tak apalah"...
      kita kena jadi bijak, jangan biarkan penjual yang menipu..


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