Friday, 24 April 2015

Thank You Frauananas, NorziBeutiliciousHouse & Syuq

Friday, 24 April 2015

Still remember me ranting about "My Mailbox is Happy". Supposedly, I should post about the mails on the same day but because my "uterus" was continuously declaring a war with me, then I have to postpone the post till the war is ended which is today.

So, from 3 mails that I got, two are from the giveaways that I participated and one is from my virtual friend, Syuq that we normally hangout at EmilaYusof.

Let's started with the first one. I joined a giveaway by Farhana Farid which I preferred to call her Cik Nanas :) I never expect to win the first prize which is a "mystery  gift" but Alhamdullilah, I won.

A gift from Cik Nanas

Tadaa... the mystery gift is a novel entitled "Heroin" by Amal Hamsan(the book written in Bahasa Melayu). I LOVE books!! I dreamed to make a mini library inside my own house in the future(hope the dream will come true) and this book will definitely becoming part of it. So far, I never had a chance to read it but I will do a review once I finish it. A sneak peak from the book:

Kadang-kadang, kau perlu jatuh dari puncak gunung yang menggeletek awan untuk sedarkan diri kau sendiri; apa yang selama ini kau panjat, apa yang selama ini kau cuba nak gapai. Banyak duri yang akan kau pijak, banyak batu yang akan kau tampung di bahu, setiap kali kaki kau melangkah. Semua ini, hanya untuk memperlihatkan apakah yang kau inginkan itu, untuk kau perjuangkan atau tidak. Dan setiap luka baru yang ditindan di atas parut luka-luka lama, sentiasa menceritakan sebuah cerita baru. Sebuah cerita pedih, dan hitam.
Aku terluka, hampir mati, namun aku masih cuba berdiri.
Seems interesting right?

Let's move on with my second mail. NorziBeutiliciousHouseis a 100% online blogshop. They are selling muslimah wear inclusive jubah, abaya, fishtails, kurung , muslimah blouse, that featuring nursing, maternity and wuduk friendly. Aside from that, they also share good health and supplements products for each of you. 

They offered total of 11 gifts to 11 lucky bloggers for their first giveaway and once again, Alhamdulillah I was the 10th bloggers that were selected to receive the gift from them, a sweet-pinky legging.

A pinky legging from NorziBeutiliciousHouse

I love the color and the fabric has its own quality(I am not sure what type of fabric it was). So, if you want to buy any muslimah type clothes. Do not hesitate to drop by at their blogshop. They have bunches of beautiful muslimah wear.

Last but not least, a merchandise from my virtual friend, Syuq. We started to know each other from EmilaYusof. As the frequent reader at EmilaYusof, I started to build a sweet friendship with other readers especially Syuq, Hazural, Farahana, Glory Jane, Cik Cloudy, Libby, Imaisha, others and not to forget Kak Em, the blog's owner.

A gift from Syuq

So, when Syuq asking me to confirm my latest address, I didn't expect to receive such a beautiful gift from Myanmar. Thank you Syuq for not forgetting me when you went overseas and thank you for the beautiful watercolor card painting by Kyaw Phyu San, a beautiful keychain and not to forget, the CNY envelope. 


  1. wooww! great! rezeki kan...tahniahhh!

  2. Alhamdulillah..dpt rezekinye kan...thniah yeee

    1. terima kasih... rezeki ada kat mana2...
      kena usaha... :)


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