Sunday, 24 May 2015

Congratulations Lions XII

Sunday, 24 May 2015

So, last night was a final of Malaysian FA cup between Kelantan and Lions XII. In the end, Singapore's Lions XII was crowned as a winner by scoring 3 over 1. Congratulations! I didn't fully watched the game, I heard the loud screams from the foyer when Kelantan equalized on 62 minutes through Wan Zack Haikal.

... and congratulations to Kelantan eventhough lost to Lions. The game is a game. Sometimes, you win and sometimes you lost. Cheers!!!

p/s: Me and my Singaporean friends always keep telling people from other countries that we were actually long lost siblings, our parent divorced(Malaysia-Singapore) long time ago and sadly we must be separated.... hehe


  1. yes, tahniah singapore. Memang mereka bg tentangan yg kuat. Good game. Serak juga suara menjerit, hehe :D

    1. wah... menjerit sakan nampaknya... :)


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