Sunday, 17 May 2015

Instant Noodle and Me

Sunday, 17 May 2015

I think I have been consuming instant noodle for almost 20 years. Back then when I was young, I will be scolded if I buy it and at that time, one Mamee's instant noodle only cost 30 cent while Maggi cost 50 cent. as for the fact, I am quiet sure that most Malaysian called instant noodle as Maggi eventhough it is actually a brand name.

"Mamak, megi goreng satu!" This is the common phrase that you will be heard at Mamak stall. 

I know that people keep saying that eating instant noodle is bad for your health, the noodle is insulated with wax, the MSG, the chemical things that they used for its flavours and bla bla bla..  but it doesn't matter to me anymore. I will eat as much as I want. hahaha....

p/s: Sometimes, people will eat instant noodle to save their money. Buying a pack of instant noodle(basically they have 5 packet inside)  only cost RM5 while buying a lunch per day will cost you more that RM5. The power of instant noodle is amazing... No matter what are the reasons for eating it, my respect goes to Momofuku Ando. Thank you for inventing instant noodle. "standing ovation"

bonus :)

A picture of me with Momofuku Ando(paper model), instant noodle inventor. Photo taken at Cup Noodle Museum, Yokohama, Japan.


  1. banyaknyer stok ke tu sis... hehe... akak pun biasa tu,....

  2. kari extra pedas taruk telur... slurppp...


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