Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shh... I Got A Secret!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

So, this week everyone is busying talking about the Secret Recipe's Halal Certificate that has been retracted by JAKIM. So, this issue is just like a virus, once it was infected, everything become corrupted. To be honest, I am not a someone who is working with JAKIM or have someone inside the organization nor having a high position in Secret Recipe. What I am going to tell you guys is, I am working with Secret Recipe but just as a part time waitress and working only 4 hours per day but guess what...  I knew their secret....

So back to the topic, I knew about this issue by reading a post by Buasir Otak. At first, I am not taking it seriously as everyone did because I though that this issue is just a small matter because I know how Secret Recipe handles the Halal ingredients in their food products. My mind just say "I will ask my leader once I start my shift". When I arrived at Secret Recipe, there were less customers than usual. Then, I met my leader, Amy and asked her about the issue and here is her explanation.

The Halal certificate was retracted by JAKIM not because of the non halal ingredients were found on our products but it was retracted because we didn't meet the "Good Manufacturing Practices" as our main factory is currently under some kind of renovation. Right now, we were re-applying our Halal Certificate and it might take 2 weeks to process. #Amy

So, as for me, the issue is very clear:

The Halal Certificate was retracted by JAKIM because Secret Recipe did not meet the "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) standard.

What is GMP?

Below are the information of GMP that I copied from the official portal of Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia.

..... and below are the statement given by JAKIM on their Halal Malaysia official portal:

In my opinion, it became a big issue because:

  • Whenever people heard about JAKIM, they will ONLY think about Halal/Non-Halal.
  • Manipulation of information through social media.(Whatsapp/WeChat/Facebook/ Blogs/etc) 

For your information, JAKIM is an organization that NOT ONLY giving a HALAL certificate but, the organization is actually plays a bigger role especially in Islamic development

Here are the official function of JAKIM that I copied from its official website written in Bahasa Malaysia:

Sebagai sebuah agensi utama pengurusan hal ehwal islam di peringkat persekutuan serta urus setia kepada Majlis Kebangsaan Bagi Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Malaysia (MKI), Maka JAKIM melaksanakan tiga fungsi utama berikut :
Fungsi 1 : Penggubalan dan Penyeragaman Undang-Undang Syarak
Fungsi 2 : Penyelarasan Pentadbiran Islam
Fungsi 3 : Penyelarasan dan Pembangunan Pendidikan Islam

As for Secret Recipe, here are the latest statement (May 27th) placed on each of its outlets regarding this issue. 

The Aftermath

Right now, most of Secret Recipe outlets having a downfall in their sales and I heard from my co-workers that along this 2 weeks, their working hours will be cut off means their shift will be shorter than usual and it means their pay will be lesser. Yeah, the power of customers especially Malays. Another thing, whenever my co-workers went somewhere in their working uniform, there will always someone whispering about Halal and everywhere, everyone is talking about Secret Recipe.

My 5 Cents Advice

Dear people, we are living in 21st century where you can access almost everything with just a single click. You have a question, Google is always there to give you the answer, if Google can't help, we still have Yahoo, Bing, Whatsapp, WeChat and others but please-lah, use your brain effectively. Try to analyze every single information rationally not emotionally. Find the correct resources. Do not try to be a keyboard warrior or 'I will be the first person to viral this/that'.


I am not an Idiot. Are you?

p/s: I know that most of you will not fully read this post... hehehe...


  1. terima kasih perkongsian ni kak

  2. akak kongsi apa yang akak tahu je...
    kebetulan akak keje part time dekat Secret Recipe, so tempias tu adalah sikit2...

    kalau tak halal, tak kan nya akak nak bersubahat tipu umat islam.. :)
    tapi yang kat factory, I don't have details la...

  3. You are so wrong my dear, because I've read your post from head to toe. Siap repeat lagi, nak bagi hadam dlm otak ni. HEHE. Saya baca berita ni dalam FB dan terus cari sumber-sumber yang update tentang hal ini. Jadi saya sedia maklum bahawa masalah Secret Recipe ini memang TIADA kaitan langsung dengan bahan yg digunakan dlm produk mereka. Cuma itulah, bukan semua orang menggunakan otak mereka secara efektif untuk benar-benar membuka mata & minda mencerna maklumat dengan tepat di sekeliling mereka. InshaAllah, everything will be fine. Melayu memang, viral sekejap je; esok lusa dah lupa. EH?

    1. haha... thumbs up...
      sebab sebelum ni, bila post something yang panjang x berapa berjela....

      komen yang readers bagi kebanyakan tak berkaitan dengan post... hehe..
      atleast, when I wrote the footnote... my readers will read it.. :)

      and miss gee lion, thank you for your comment.. :)

  4. GMP procedure totally different from getting HALAL from Jakim procedure. But these people nowadays always thought when the HALAL cert retracted, it means they used NON-HALAL ingredients. Huh. Susah nak terangkan, susah juga nak terima.

    1. yup.. but supposedly kita kena risau jugak...
      sebab GMP ada berkaitan dengan kebersihan yang teruk walaupun tak terlibat dengan non halal ingredientsin food product..
      dah lebih kurang macam hal/tak halal...


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