Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Artworks Prices That Make You Go WOW!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Flipping the content in KL Lifestyle magazine, my eyes stopped at the "KLAS ART AUCTION" pages. Looking at the art pieces mostly from our local artists, my eyes getting bigger and my mouth goes "WOW" all the time. The prices are no kidding especially for a broke person like me. If I can sell my artworks just like these awesome people, I will settle all my loans just in a blink of eye but I am just nobody... hehe

Let's scrolling down for more "WOW"

Abdul Latiff Mohidin, SOLD RM 451 000

Yusof Ghani, SOLD RM 176 000

Abdul Latif Mohidin, SOLD RM 246 400

just wow

Ibrahim Hussein, SOLD RM 109 760

Yusof Ghani, SOLD RM 196 000

Abdul Latif Mohidin, SOLD RM 257 600

Khoo Sui Hoe, SOLD RM 30 240

Ismail Latiff, In Auction RM 6000 - RM 12 000

Nizar Kamal Ariffin, In Auction RM 6000 - RM 9000


  1. The artworks really-really worth it price =)

  2. wahhhh... ada yang nak dekat setengah juta...


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