Monday, 1 June 2015

CPUV Nuffnang #2 - Cool Tea

Monday, 1 June 2015

Everyone is updating their CPUV Nuffnang campaigns, some of the bloggers got too many different CPUV campaigns from Nuffnang compared to myself. Honestly I prefer the CPC campaigns than CPUV. The main reason is the unique visitors/traffics for my blog is very low.

... but since the advertiser for this Cool Tea-Product Awareness had chosen my blog, let's the campaign begin. I haven't see what kind of campaign it is. Was it about a medicated tea or ice tea or something else... and yeah, when I was living in Japan, tea is my everyday's drink... Matcha(green tea) and Oolongcha are the teas that I regularly drink. Supposedly, tea is good for detoxification

So.. guys, if you see the ads are dancing on my blog, please click them and do tell me what it is about.. :) Okay.. adious amigos


  1. Tahniah. Terima aje CPUV ni, dah diorang nak bagi, hehe =D

    1. ye terima je..dapat 0.01 sen pun rezeki jugak kan.. hehe

  2. saya ada hantar emel. nnt check ya. kalau x dpt tgk kt spambox ya


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