Friday, 19 June 2015

GoShop To NoShop VS YesShop

Friday, 19 June 2015

Remember my previous rant about GoShop? Okay, well here is my another rant. So, after my disappointment with GoShop and their courier partner, GDEX. I tried searching a vacuum cleaner on another online store. I almost buying from another newly opened online store which I think most Nuffnangers knew about it as they advertised their store via Nuffnang Ads. I will just named it as "G Store". When I showed to my sister the vacuum cleaner listed on their shop, my sister seemed not interested at all. She said "Shimono can be used up to the ceiling" and bla bla bla but then, she said "Up to you lah". 

I kinda attracted to buy it from them as I can use RM30 voucher as a Maybank user but then, their product description is kinda lack, so, I try to find the details from the internet and then stumbled upon another online store, let's name it as "L Store" with the same product and shockingly, the price is so much lower even if I used the RM30 voucher. Speaking of the "L Store", I had a bad experience buying electronic product from them and the same went to their customer services.

So, after thinking for one whole night, I decided to go back to GoShop. I told my sister and she said okay. She always says okay... LOL. Different from last time, I chose to use COD(Cash On Delivery), but for this time, I decided to use my debit card, paid via Mastercard. So, when the GDEX come to my hostel, they will just drop the parcel at my administration office without having to meet me.

I make my order on June 17th, before 12PM and when I check my page on Goshop, they had given me the tracking number. So, I checked it on GDEX page and it showed that my order was on-delivery. :)

I happily picked up the parcel at the administration office just after the GDEX delivered it. The package was well packed. No trace of broken was found.

Unboxing the product, I make sure that all the accessories are included. Fortunately, I got everything. Then, I connected the vacuum to the power source to make sure, the vacuum is working and fortunately, once again, it works. Yeay!

To be honest, whenever I encountered a problem with the online shop, I will basically avoid myself to buy from them anymore but for this case. I am giving GoShop, a second chance especially Ramadhan is just one day left(the day I make my order). Ramadhan is a month of forgiveness and forgiving and forgetting their previous mistake is the risk that I took but Alhamdulillah, it went well. I think the payment method played the big role in completing the delivery. Anyway, to GoShop, please treat your customer well no matter what they aske and for GDEX, do what you are supposed to do when delivering the packages. Make sure honesty comes first when doing the jobs. That's all... fullstop and Happy Ramadhan readers. may this Ramadhan will make us the better person. InsyaAllah.


  1. Wise decision. =)
    Nak raya nanti habislah satu rumah kena vaccuum, ahaks =)

  2. nice review.. tak pernah lg beli produk ini :) hehe
    raya mesti rumah clean n clear

    1. hehe.. solely based on my experience buying from them...
      but the vacuum is really awesome.. :)


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