Thursday, 11 June 2015

GoShop to NoShop

Thursday, 11 June 2015

So, here we go, it's time for me to complain. Stay, if you wanna read my rant or just ignore this entire post if you are tired to read my "No No No" to GoShop.

Okay. First, I think most of you had heard about GoShop, if your house have an ASTRO or Njoi, you can reach this TV Shopping on channel 118. For me, all the products shown are quiet tempting especially home appliances products and actually I really wanna try buying something from GoShop. Finally, my dream comes true when my sister asked me to buy a Shimono Vacuum Cleaner. My sister is not a quiet an online-shopping person. Anything related to "online" thingy, she will definitely pass on me.

Shimono Vacuum Cleaner

Heading to GoShop webpage is quiet smooth. Starting from registering my account, searching the product and proceeding to the checkout section. Everything is OKAY but as Malay proverb says " Langit Tak Selalunya Cerah" and that happened to me.

I make my order on June 1st, 2015

So,  based on my chronology, I finally checkout my order on June 1st, 2015 but I chose to pay by using COD method(Cash on Delivery). Hours later, GoShop updated my order by giving me the GDEX track number. So, when I checked it again on June 3rd, it showed that GDEX is on their way sending me the item. I am totaly in a good mood because everything was okay so far. I waited one whole day in my room, waiting for a phone call from GDEX asking me to collect the item at my apartment administration office but to my disappointment, there was no single call from them.

At first, I thought, they might miss to deliver because of the time constrains but I definitely wrong. When I checked on GDEX e-tracking page. It showed "Refuse To Accept-No Such Person". Oh gosh, I was burning inside. I was waiting in my room for one whole day.

GDEX e-tracking

.... and according to GoShop FAQ section, it says:

GoShop FAQ on Delivery

Supposedly, I will receive a phone call from GDEX but on that day, no one had ever called my phone. At first, I thought, Okay, the problem is actually from GDEX, I will ask GoShop what happened to my order and here we go, my question and also their answer which is I didn't find it appealing because the answer is obviously not answering what I had asked.

I asked online about my order

So, after been waiting for more than I week, I finally request for return and here what I wrote for the claim.

Claim to Return

So, yeah! That was my rant. I knew that some of you who bought from GoShop might experience something better than me but this is what I got from them and I think I need to share it. So, right now, GoShop has become NoShop. Bye Bye.


  1. ade jugak pengalaman ngan go shop nie...
    ya Allah dah excuted sgt nak beli barang nie...
    masalah nyer asyik x lepas je..nyampah jugak berkali² buat..

    1. hmmm... tulah, sepatutnya pengalaman kali pertama yang best...
      ni awal2 dah jadi macam ni... lepas tu staff GoShop pun main lepas je...
      semangat nak shopping terus hilang

  2. Tak pernah online shopping with GoShop. Tapi most of my friend very fond with GoShop. I guess, when the responses too good, then the bad services will come up later.

  3. Salam....saya mengalami nasib yg lebih order x sampai2 walaupun status di goshop confirm delivered...but xde tracking number...da email pd goshop still x gdex tp dorg nak tracking number gak...saja google nk tgk org lain de prob mcm ni gak ke...terjumpa blog awak pn rasa nk nio shop je ni...anyway thanks for sharing... :)


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