Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Malaysian Animation That 90's Kids Used To Watch

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I grew up in 90's which make me eligible to be called as 90's kids(too many dispute regarding who are the real 90's kids... this is just LOL). For those who grew up in early 90's, they were experiencing the transition of everything mostly the technology. If we were looking back to the past, most of the 00's kids will laugh at how absurd the past life but Hey! who cares, we, the 90's kids think that was awesome. 

Back then, Malaysian kids didn't have the luxury of choosing cartoons to watch compared to kids today, the memories of sitting in front of TV with my friends and family, watching cartoons were the golden thing that I ever had. During that time, internet is nothing to us especially in the countryside where I grew up. Television is our golden treasure. Handphone? What is that? hehe...

So, here are my Top 3(ermm, do we have more?) local animations that we, the 90's kids used to watch.

1. Usop Sontorian (1996-1998)

According to wikipedia(the only sources that I found on internet), Usop Sontorian is Malaysia's first locally-made half-hour-episode animated cartoon series. It aired on RTM1 from 1996 to 1998.

It tells the story of the village life of Malaysian boy Usop bin Mat and his friends Abu, Dol, Ah Kim, Vellu, and Singh. The story is set in Kampung Parit Sonto, not far from the town of Ayer Hitam, Johor; hence the name '"Sontorian". 

2. Anak-anak Sidek 

Based on the comic books then turned to animation series. The story revolved around the Sidek family especially the Sidek Brothers; Bun(Misbun), Ajib(Razif), Alan(Jalani), Aman(Rahman) and Adul(Rashid) and their passion on badminton. I remember collecting their comic book when I was a child but unfortunately, all my collectibles are gone. :(

p/s: I really hate Ajib.. hehehe... and Adul is just adorable..

3. Keluang Man (1996-1998)

Keluang Man, our local batman and of course, if Batman has Robin, our Keluang Man has Tiong Man, his assistant. Behind his mask, keluang Man or humanly recognized as Borhan is a mental patient in Tanjung Rambutan Hospital who became a superhero during night.

p/s: I love Keluang Man OST.. :)

What is your favourite local animations? Are they supposed to be on the list?


  1. Ada lagi. Sailormoon & Dragon ball. Tapi bukan Malaysian animation la =D

    1. Kalau yang luar memang banyak...
      tak terhitung jari ni nak kira.. hehe

    2. Habis jari kaki tangan la kira tu? =D

  2. Usop Sontorian memang legend....


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