Thursday, 11 June 2015

No More Yahoo! Malaysia

Thursday, 11 June 2015

I always turned to Yahoo! Malaysia to read mostly our local news and here the sad thing happened. There is no more Yahoo! Malaysia. 

If you noticed, when you typed, you will redirect to Yahoo! Singapore homepage. The same thing happened to Yahoo! Philippines. I think it started on June 2nd(my bad for 1 week delay of posting).

statement from Yahoo! Malaysia official twitter account

It is quiet weird, when I go to Yahoo! homepage, all I see are the news mostly related to Singapore. It was a sad and it might be the end of Yahoo! Malaysia era.


  1. A'a ek, baru perasan yahoo malaysia dah takda. Huhuhuhu

  2. Tak prasan sebab tak surf guna Yahoo pun. But I guess, Google overpowered Yahoo.

    1. Biasa kalau surf memang guna google... just guna yahoo untuk check news especially yang malaysia lah...

  3. eh, ha'ah lah. baru perasan. haih

  4. Oh My God, on what particular reasons they doing this! Know what? I never realize this before and I keep blaming my Chrome browser for changing my Yahoo Malaysia setup to Singapore. And finally today, I found your blog and read this entry about the closing of Yahoo Malaysia. Seriously, I am literally shocked and deeply sad to know about this. Please, bring back our Yahoo! Just, pleaseeeeeee..


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