Monday, 1 June 2015

Not So "Ong"

Monday, 1 June 2015

Last weekend, I spent my day at my sister's house in Ampang. As usual, I will check the letters that my sister got, just to check whether there is any for me. One envelope written a plat number of my sister's car attracted me to take a peek. Still unopened and I decided to take a look of it and...


A love letter from Chandra saying that he got a help from W. Rattana that had changed his life(I am assuming, Chandra is a man, forgive me if I am so wrong). How beautiful.. :) and in this letter he said that he already donated 20% of his profit and also had printed this pamphlet for 2 consecutive years. Amazing right?

Thank you for printing a letter that actually make me smile for awhile

Will you seek a solution from whatever or whoever called/named as W. Rattana. For sure, this is just a scam. Do not be an idiot who will easily tricked by this kind of scammers.

Segala masalah tidak akan selesai dengan berfikir sahaja. Peluang dan tuah tidak akan datang bergolek, tetapi kita harus merebutnya sendiri. [quoted from unknown scammer]
[translation: Problems cannot be solved just by thinking. Chances and luck will not come as easy as you want to, but we have to grab it on our own.]
I love the quote above, but it is actually so wrong. With "thinking", an idiot will decide whether to seek a help from you. So, "thinking" is playing a big role in this. Am I right? hehe. I think you might wanna change the quote to something like

You threw away this letter, ghost will haunt you forever.... [as suggested by jjajja @jjajja's journey


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