Monday, 29 June 2015

RM7 Nasi Kerabu

Monday, 29 June 2015
RM' Nasi Kerabu
This ramadhan, I am actually avoiding myself from buying food at "Bazaar" but last Friday, I broke the rule because one of my friend asked me to accompany her and I ended up buying this "Nasi Kerabu" and honestly I regretted buying it. 

Why? First, most of the price of the foods are suddenly hiking up just like this Nasi Kerabu. Normally, if I go to "Pasar Malam", it only cost RM6 and twice the portion of rice compared to this. Second, most of the vendors cook the food earlier than we thought. I saw that those vendors are setting up their booths around 12PM to 2PM and the foods basically are not cook at the booths. So, can you imagine at what time did they cook all the dishes?

So, back to this RM7 Nasi Kerabu, after eating it, I had a stomachache. I can say that my body is always acting wrong if I consume the food that literally had problems such as unclean, undercook and etc. So, I am sure, there was something wrong with this Nasi Kerabu. Furthermore, the portion of the rice was so little and the taste is meh.

I still remember, when I was young, Bazaar Ramadhan is the anticipating place that I always wanna go. The foods are just awesome but now, everything is changed. People only care about the profits. hmmmmm....


  1. mcm sis,memang xmakan nasi kerabu..
    sebab perut sgt sensitif ngan nasi kerabu...
    klu makan...memang akan sakit perut....

  2. betul betul. makanan kat bazar skrg cm menghampakan hmm

  3. Rasanya sekarang bukan setakat bazaar, perniagaan makanan mostly macam tu. Semua pentingkan untung je T_T

    1. tapi bazar tempat yang paling senang nak tengok perubahan... dari segi harga, kualiti dll...
      baru2 ni member keracunan beli makanan kat bazar... kesian.. muntah2 bagai..


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