Sunday, 14 June 2015


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Eating is the most passionate behaviour that I had so far as long as it is Halal... hehe... but to good to be true my weight never exceed 47 kg. Feed me more!!

Back to my topic, "Tebaloi" also known as sago/sagu snack(as written on the packaging) is a traditional Sarawak snack. In Terengganu , my hometown, we have "Sagong", a traditional Terengganu snack also made from "Sagu".

My sister has a close friend from Sarawak, so everytime she comes to Peninsular Malaysia, she will always bring something from Sarawak especially Kek Lapis Sarawak. I am not really digging into it because I am not a "sweet" person. Then I tried "Tebaloi", at first I was reluctant because it looked "sugary" but after the first bite, I love it. That's the taste that I want, not too sweet and no too bland.


  1. kuih rupanya . baru terdengar nama kuih ni . huhuuu

  2. Selalu je nampak tebaloi ni. Tapi belum pernah makan. Ingatkan manis

    1. yang ja makan.. tak adalah manis sangat.. cukup2 rasa gitu.. :)


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