Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fasting, Raya, Giveaway and Winning

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Today is our 15th day of fasting. Time flies so fast..... and yet there are lot of things that I haven't done. Lately I felt like I have been drowning with my laziness.... sigh.. despite the laziness in me, there is one thing that I always love to participate; GIVEAWAY. Why? It is free and easy as ABC(I do not join giveaway that involving FB/INSTA/TWITTER; I don't use them anymore).

Participating the giveaway/contest is like getting double benefits. My blog will have something to post and if I am lucky, I will be chosen as a winner just like recent Mini Giveaway #37 by IntaNBerliaN. Although, the prize will goes to my nephew. It is okay because seeing his smile while wearing the t-shirt that I won, melt my heart.

Last but not least, do not buy too much food... eat just a portion that you need and please do no waste. "It is not a waste until you waste it".

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  1. penat si kucing kat atas tu puasa... comel je... duduk atas kerusi..


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