Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Easiest & Quickest DIY Kuih Raya

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I think it has been more than 10 years, our family started to buy "Kuih Raya" instead of making them. I still remember, when I was little, I was helping my sister making Kuih Raya such as Kuih Sarang Semut, Tart Nenas and Almond London. Well, honestly, I didn't help that much, I am the one that keep eating secretly... hehe... but now, since most of us living far separately, the tradition of making Kuih Raya is fading away. Every Ramadhan, we just buy them for almost RM40 per jar.

... but this coming Aidilfitri(Raya), me and my sister decided to try the "Easiest and Quickest DIY Kuih Raya". Here we go.

The Ingredients:
1. Chocolate bar
2. Corn flakes
3. Colourful chocolate rice for decoration

How to DIY
1. Melt the chocolate bar(steaming)
2. Add the cornflakes. Make sure, the cornflakes were crushed into a tiny bit
3. Stirred the mixture
4. Put the mixture into the paper cup
5. Sprinkle some chocolate rice on top just to make it appealing.
6. Leave it for around 5 minutes until the chocolate become harden.

and tadaaa... my ChocoLakes(Chocolate+Cornflakes)

What I love when making this so called Kuih Raya, you do not have to measure how much ingredients you need to add. Just follow your heart... hehe... If you love chocolate, add more but if you love crunchier cookies, just add more cornflakes and you do not need microwave or oven to bake the cookies. Just leave it in temperature room for 5 minutes until it became harden. That's all. Easy right. This ChocoLakes is suitable for someone that lack of time and prefer something simple, easy and quick.


  1. Cornflakes with chocolate. Resepi paling senang, tapi sedap! =)

    1. nak buat yang grand... tak mampu n x cukup masa..
      at least, ada jugak kuih raya buat sendiri.. :)

  2. Replies
    1. betul tu...
      walaupun tak cantik mana... asal sedap.. okay je

  3. combination yang marvellous...

  4. paling simple paling senang nak buat dan paling sedap :)

  5. hahahaha...even this simple kuih, I don't have time to do it this final exam on Ramadhan :(


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