Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Girls' Talk: Trying Veet For The First Time

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I am a "Xyrophobia"; having a fear of razors. In my entire life, there was only one time my body had interacted with razor, that was when I cut my hair, the hairdresser had to shave my sideburn and she used a razor. At that time, I almost fainted, my heart began to pound heavily and my brain did not work as it should be. That was the first and the last time, a razor touch my skin. 

.... but being a woman we have to groom ourselves better that a man but some of them I would say, taking care of themselves better than us.. hehe. Having a hairy legs is such a "no-no" for a woman but  I believe majority of us think it is okay for a man to have it. 

.... and it was quiet embarrassing to tell that I have a hairy leg but just in one spot; 1/3 between my ankle and knee(the sock's area). So whenever I wear Baju Kurung(I am allergic to dress/skirt), the percentage of people see my hairy leg is higher. So, to prevent this from happening, I will always wear legging but then, this problem also arise when I wear a "cropped pants" for formal event, my 1/3 leg will be visible. 

To not embarrassing myself, I started google anything related to hair removal topic and finally stumbled upon on Khatyjem when she was talking about using Veet; Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin that contained Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The post was publish on 2012 and at that time it only cost RM5.

So, after thinking the pros and cons, I decided to try it and as you can see below, the price is RM7.30 compared to 2012, it was only RM5 and I noticed that the price tape was been overlapped with another two price tapes. I tried to checked the price on overlapped tapes and it was RM5.90. 

Using this cream is easy as ABC. Just apply the cream and wait for 5 minutes. Do not exceed 10 minutes because the cream will dry and your skin will be irritated. The result is not bad, the hair is gone and my skin became so smooth. My first reaction is flowery... hehehe...

..... but after 2 days, I felt emptied, my hairy leg is gone(this is not a joke). I actually had a mental shocked and almost tear up(Oh gosh, it was so dramatic). I keep saying, "What I have done?, I have been keeping you guys for more than 20 years(Yes! I never shave/wax my leg in my entire life). I am so bad for suddenly removing all of you."

..... now, I am waiting. Waiting my hairy legs back to me... I don't know what will it becomes. hairier, thicker or darker? Just have to wait, maybe for a week. So for you guys. Haven't you try this removal cream and what was the result. It will be awesome if you can give your thoughts on comment section below.

and Thank You for hearing my rant of my hairy legs.

After using veet(2-3 days after), my skin getting so itchy... I think it might be because that was my first time removing my leg hair or maybe my first time using removal cream. I started to scratch my skin and I can see some red pores on my leg. Putting some lotion reduced the itchiness but then after a week, the itchiness totally gone. Now, it has been 12 days and I can see the hair started to grow back. After all, I might be using it again... better than shaving I guess.


  1. hmm... never try it before..

    psssttt thanks join segmen nak url blog #17. blog ini tersenarai di

  2. emmm....tak pernah cuba tapi member suke guna veet sebab jimat masa nak shave.

    Kita nak jemput join segmen kite.

  3. hi! iszati here :D
    wahhh tak tahu plak murah rm7 jeee
    need to try it out. penat la shave nie

    1. rasanya kalau beli kat supermarket besar lagi murah kot...
      yang ni beli kat farmasi, so mahal sikit...

  4. Kalau akak, say a big NO! to veet. Haha. Satu sebab malas nak jadikan rutin mingguan. Dua sebba dia bertahan tak lama. Tiga. Errr. The hair yang tumbuh after that macam jadi lagi panjang. Horrorrrr. T_T

    1. tapi kalau shave pun sama jugak kan....
      or k.sha selalu buat waxing ke?


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