Wednesday, 19 August 2015

KLIA2 Postcards

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

For those who knew me, I am an avid postcards collector especially the free postcards (LOL). Last weekend, Aug 9, I went to GLC Open Day held in KLCC. The main reason is to get more info about job vacancies offered. It was so crowded, I wish the area is bigger eventhough the walkaway design at the entrance is superb. I had to avoid my self reading the info at the walkaway path because there were too many people came. It is either I am blocking others or I might be pushed over. So, I just decided to have a glance... hehe....

After the walkaway path, the section continue with the GLCs' booth. Each booth basically will at least give you a gift such as a bag, pen, notebook and etc. My last destination is at the Malaysian Airport booth because it was located at the end of the hall, near the exit. My first thing that I saw when I step my foot on their booth are the postcards. First, one of the staff, asked me whether I had been to KLIA2. I said no and he said you should come and at the same time he gave a pamphlet and also a postcard(only one).

Looking at those postcards, my eyes went "bling bling", I braved my self to asked whether I can have more and he said yes. OMG, I took a lot.... If there is less people there, I would asked more but since it was too crowded, I just took some(quiet a lot..) I left about 10 for each postcard on their information desk. I am sure they have a lot.

KLIA2 has the tallest control tower in the world

The first airport in the region to have a third runaway

The first skybridge in Asia


and the wifi is free

These postcards series were the artworks of Datuk Lat, a famous Malaysian cartoonist. I am not very sure whether you can get these postcards for free at KLIA2. Maybe Yes if they have a stock.


  1. can I have one of that? Hahahah!

    *serious talk*

    1. give me your home address to my email
      will send you one of each means 5 postcards

    2. yeay! and I will be sending a postcard from Okinawa and etc...if you want too..

      will email it now! and please, reply with your address! :D

  2. love dato lat...his art is perfect!

  3. Tak pernah dapat pun. Banyak kali jugak tunjuk muka kat KLIA2 tu. Jeles T_T

  4. Love the first one and the last one :)


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