Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Oh! My Kanji

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

When I was in Hiroshima, Japan, my HP charger was not functioning and after searching all over internet and asking my friends there are only two electronic malls; Labi and Edion. Searching for HP brand accessories resulted as a frustration. The only brand that well known in Hiroshima are either Fujitsu and Apple products(I am not sure about Akihabara). I even asked at the information center(because they can speak English very well) and they don't even know what brand is HP and insisted me to go either to Labi or Edion. 

... and since I have to complete my reports and assignments ASAP(I got bundle of assignments), I decided to buy a new laptop. At first I thought about buying a Fujitsu brand but back in Malaysia, Fujitsu is not a well known. Finally I decided to buy ASUS. Supposedly, I cannot change the language setting which is in Japanese but luckily at that time, Windows 8 is on launching and my friend; Xin, read somewhere on internet and learnt that it can be changed and because of her I won't have to face the Japanese characters all day long.... but since the setting was originally in Japanese, whenever the updating process is happening, the japanese sentences will show.

At first, I did not really care because there are some "kanji"(kanji characters always a torture for my brain). Learning Hiragana and Katakana are already a burdensome for me... but somehow, just a few days ago, I decided to break the code... haha... and here are the result.


romaji reading: 
Shori ga kanryō suru made PC no dengen wa nukanaide kudasai kōshin puroguramu o insutōru shite imasu (7 / 25-ko)...

Windows 更新プログラムの構成中 

romaji reading:
Windows kōshin puroguramu no kōsei-chū 30-pāsento kanryō konpyūta no dengen o kiranaide kudasai

words that using Katakana(katakana is used for writing out foreign words phonetically)

= Puroguramu/Program
ピュー = Konpyuta/Computer
イントー = Insutoru/Install

Well, how was it guys? Fun?. hehehe

p/s: Nihon-go means Japanese language, as for English it will be Ei-go.


  1. I'm sorry. I'm a new reader here. Are you a student in Japan?


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