Thursday, 10 September 2015

Be Original with HP

Thursday, 10 September 2015

I think everyone is being skeptical when talking about money, the same goes with me. All my life, I have been trying as harder as I can to pay less for something that I needed. Paying less is okay but it is not okay when you paying less for the counterfeit product and the result was not good as the original.

... and sometimes being original will be a reward for you and this is happening to me. I owned a HP 2520 printer and yes! I choose to use the original ink. I have an experience using a printer with the ink refill tank on the side. At first, it is amazingly working... but as time goes by, it became worst, the ink leaked and damaging my printer.

With HP original ink cartridge, I was rewarded with two packs of photo paper as a thank you gift for using the original HP ink cartridges. It might not be an expensive reward but it makes me feel being treated as a valued customers. Anyway, thank you HP for giving me the gift and Yes! I will continually being original. 

from HP via GDEX

tadaa.... 2 packs of photo paper and love letters

love letter from HP


  1. yup original is the best.. menang membeli alah memakai

  2. sntiasa puas hati klau pakai yg original ni.....biar la bayar lebih tp puashati.. :)

  3. Great move by HP for their loyal customer. =)
    Kan bagus kalau more vendor buat macam ni. Rasa dihargai betul =)

  4. Samalah. Dulu saya ada printer, lepas tu kakak saya pandai-pandai je letak ink cartridge yang dekat tepi tu. Lama-lama, terus rosak printer kitaorang tu.


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